What We Treat...

It might have been easier to say what we don't treat!

Client Testimonial

My treatments at ASAP were top-notch and I'm feeling much better. Christine's gentle yet firm touch does the trick, she knows her stuff. Her knowledge and experience make the magic happen! And Fiona is so efficient and very helpful regarding insurance claim matters and the like. I am very pleased with ASAP's services and results, I recommend them highly.
Lisa Uggeri

Diagnoses treated and services provided at A Step Ahead Physiotherapy, Cayman include those below. Many diagnoses/conditions and injuries not listed are also commonly treated at ASAP and fall into the scope of physical therapy practice. If you do not see your diagnosis/injury listed here or do not know your diagnosis/injury, please call our office.

Patient education and exercise training instructions are cornerstones to our Cayman physiotherapy practice. Teaching patients about their conditions and what to do to minimize their symptoms and maximize their function is an important part of each patient’s rehabilitation program.

We offer a full range of the latest equipment and techniques. This helps us to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and muscle spasm so that your recovery is greatly enhanced. This is helpful in acute or chronic conditions such as headaches, neck or low back pain, sprains and strains, tendonitis of the shoulder or elbow, and arthritis symptoms.


A Step Ahead Physiotherapy, Cayman Islands, can help with:


Orthopedic Injury

Orthopedic Surgery

Sports Injury

Gait Analysis

Biomechanical Evaluation

Auto Accidents

Work Related Injury

Repetitive Strain / Overuse

Neurological Injury

Therapies & Modalities


Active Release

Kinesio Tape

Video gait analysis

Interferential Stimulation



Mechanical lumbar and cervical traction

Moist heat

Cold pack


SI joint dysfunction

Degenerative Disc Disease

Pelvic obliquity

Piriformis syndrome

Low back pain

Back strain/sprain

Herniated/bulging disc

Back surgery


Thoracic spine pain/injury


Neck pain/whiplash

Neck surgery/injury

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Postural syndrome

Shoulder, Elbow & Hand

Shoulder surgery

Rotator cuff injury/strain

Shoulder blade dysfunction/fracture

Scapulo-thoracic rhythm/stabilization dysfunction

AC joint dysfunction/separation

Shoulder dislocation/subluxation

Biceps tendonitis

Upper extremity muscle pulls/strains

Elbow fracture/surgery

Tennis/Golfer’s elbow

Wrist sprain/strain/fracture/surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Knee & Hip

ACL reconstruction

Patellar tendonitis

Patellar subluxation/dislocation

Knee sprains

IT band syndrome

Arthroscopic and total knee surgery

Lower extremity muscle pulls/strains

Hip joint pain/dysfunction

Total hip surgery


Foot & Ankle

Ankle sprains

Ankle fracture

Plantar fasciitis

Foot/ankle surgery

Achilles tendonitis/bursitis

Shin splints